Is not Version 2.0 ready for production??

To answer it is mandatory to say that AQUAgpusph-2.0 is widely different from the previous versions, moreover, it is extremely different from any other already existing SPH code (as far as I know). More specifically, AQUAgpusph-2.0 is designed as a sand box, where the behavior of the tool can be modified just typing a couple of lines in the simulation input files, and maybe some OpenCL kernels. It is not required anymore to modify the C++ kernel code, or to recompile the software either.

With the last changes committed the software is effective (almost all AQUAgpusph-1.5.4 features have been recovered), however the documentation and the helper tools are not ready yet.

Are you stopping the release just for the documentation?? Yes! The previous documentation is completely useless for this new version, which may have a hard first contact. Also in this new version the documentation will be probably moved to a Wiki.