Pressure sensors standard deviation

One of the main target of AQUAgpusph is the possibility to compute confident enough pressure values.

In this line the standard deviation of the interpolation process has been implemented in AQUAgpusph. Hence now you have a mean value, and a measurement of the dispersion of the data near to the sensor.

It could be extremely useful to get high quality pressure records:

Pressure record for the SPHERIC validation test number 10

Pressure record for the SPHERIC validation test number 10

In the previous figure the pressure computed in a simulation of the validation test number 10 of the SPHERIC benchmark is compared with the experimental results.

This new feature can be found in the unstable 1.5 branch of the code.

Initial release

The initial release has been uploaded! You can get it from GitHub typing:

I was waiting like a dumb for the CUSL development stage start in order to upload the initial release, just because the development stage starts when the project is officially accepted (there are not a kick off).

Anyway, it will be awesome!